The Latest Updo Hairstyles

Updos and Hairstyles

The best hair styles don’t necessarily have to be created in a salon. You can actually create a hair style just for you with some practice and a friend to give you a hand.  With medium to long length hair, a simple ponytail can be spruced up to create glamorous looks.

Adding flowers, beaded ponytail holders, and gem-covered pins and clasps to your hair will create a unique look all your own. If you have a short hair style, stencils is the current trend in hair decoration for special occasions. If you plan to do your own prom hair style, remember – practice makes perfect!

When you are planning that special prom night, one thing you should not forget is your hair style. Hair styles are something that can make or break your night. With a bad hair style, you will not feel self-confident and you won’t have a stunning overall look. With a good hair style, you’ll dance the night away. So, remember to take the time to find that perfect prom hair style just like you find the perfect dress, shoes, and make-up!

However, if you plan to splurge on your hair style and visit a salon when you are going to the prom, you may want to keep the following in mind:

· Don’t delay making your styling appointment! You should have it scheduled 1-2 months before your prom!

·        Feel comfortable in the hair style you choose for prom. This may mean getting it done more than once. Feeling beautiful = looking beautiful!

·        If you want the hairstylist to copy a celebrity hair style, take along as many pictures as you can find of the style from all angles.

The main thing is to have fun with your hair styles. Do what you like and that will lead to you liking all you do!

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