Hairstyle Prom Updos

Hairstyle Prom Updos

Prom Hair Styles

Prom updos can come in all types of styles and can be accomplished with long hair, short hair, straight hair, and curly hair.  In fact, just about every girl looks great with prom updos and creating this gorgeous look is simple to do.

Considering the Face Shape

The shape of your face has more to do with which prom updos are best for you than the length or cut of your hair.  A long and thin face, for example, is best accentuated by prom updos that lay closer to the head and provide extra volume to the sides.  Oval and heart shaped faces, on the other hand, look great with the hair pulled back and away from the face.  Those with a square face are best complimented with ringlet tendrils pulled down to the side of the face, which helps create balance and soften the jaw and cheek line.  Similarly, those with a round face can create a slimming effect by adding height to the crown of prom updos and by also including tendrils at the cheeks.  Side parted bangs and hairline tendrils also help slim the face.

The Fanned Updo

One of the most popular of the prom updos is the fanned updo.  Fanned prom updos are created by creating a tight ponytail and anchoring it at the top of the crown where it can be sculpted to fan up and out.  At the base, the updo hugs the back of the head and the crown.  While the fanned updo is best with medium to fine hair that is chin to shoulder length, it is possible to create with many types and lengths of hair.

Those with baby fine hair may choose to use a volumizing shampoo and spray or gel in order to increase the hair cuticle.  Individuals looking to creating fanned prom updos that have longer hair or hair that is thick or wavy will need to straighten the hair first before styling.  Hair that is exceptionally thick might not be able to achieve the slick look desirable with fanned prom updos, but it might be possible if the hair is relaxed first.  Those with short hair may want to consider adding hair extensions in order to achieve the look.
Instructions for Fanned Prom Updos

It is best to create fanned prom updos when the hair is not freshly washed.  Otherwise, the hair will be too slippery and soft, which makes it difficult to work with.  If the hair is freshly washed, it will need to be heavily dressed with gels, creams, or lotions in order to make it hold.

To create this look, you will need to create a deep side part on one side of your head.  Then, brush all of your hair back with a paddle style brush, starting at the front of the head, to form a ponytail.  If you have bangs, you can choose to leave them out or to  pull them back into the updo.  You will need to saturate these prom updos with a good hair spray, which will make the hair more manageable and easier to sculpt into a fan.

Next, hold the ponytail about 1 ½ to 2 inches from the base between the forefinger and thumb of your left hand.  Use your right hand to wrap the ponytail clockwise, looping it around your thumb and forefinger in order to create a loop.  The ends of the loop should be pulled to the same level as the base of the ponytail.  Then, smooth and flatten the hair loop in order to pin it underneath the loop next to your scalp.  Be sure the new loop you have created is symmetrical and balanced.
You may need to use many pins in order to get the style to hold.  Try to use small pins or ones that are the same color as your hair, and pin them underneath the side if the loop.  When pinning fanned prom updos, be sure to leave 2-3 inches of hair free.  Ultimately, you should have your looped hair merged into the top of the ponytail’s bottom and have a soft, rounded bun.
With fanned prom updos, you should be left with a stalk of wild hair sticking up at the ponytail base.  Apply more gel, spray, or wax to give additional form and texture to the hair.  Then, taking one strand out, layer it around the base of the ponytail.  This is meant to hide the elastic band holding your hair in place.   Then, use your fingers to arrange the strands into a free form fan shape.  Move from side to side when creating fanned prom updos in order to ensure it stays balanced.

When creating fanned prom updos, it is important to take it slowly and to check each strand as it is pinned.  You need to make sure they are each pinned securely before moving to the next strand.  You should also spray each section with holding spray to keep it in place.  To get fanned prom updos to stand up, you will need to place two bobby pins in a crisscross fashion at the end of the hair strands.  As an alternative, you can lightly back comb each strand and spray.

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