Prom Hair Styles for 2007

When a girl gets ready for her prom, she wants to look perfect from her manicured toes to her perfect updo.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to look perfect for the biggest dance of your life so far, but before you freak out about it, stop and take a deep breath.  Not only do you not have to go to a salon to get the perfect hair, you don’t even necessarily have to put your hair up!

2007 Prom Hair Styles

If wearing your hair down and natural is out of the question, then you still have plenty of options before you resort to paying through the nose for a fancy updo.   A simple ponytail can be glammed up until you hardly recognize yourself, and there are so many ways that you can do it.

The most important thing to do is to pick early.  You want to be practiced enough at putting your hair up on your own that you don’t panic when you have to do it for prom.  This doesn’t mean that you have to wear it out of the house if your big do is a secret, but certainly put it up and take it down a few times for practice.  Having done it yourself, touching up in the bathroom at prom will be a snap!

The big hair of the past should be going the way of the dinosaur.  You don’t want hair that could be made of plastic, you want hair that moves with you, and that your guy is dying to touch.  If it takes a shower and a couple hours of scrubbing to get the gel and hairspray out of your hair, then letting yourself relax at a post-prom party will be hard.

Instead, consider a cute alternative that holds well and comes out easily: braids.  We’re not talking cornrows, but small braids threaded through your do will make it look elaborate and elegant without you having to work too hard.  Take the hair over your temples and braid them back into your do for a look that is wedding-worthy.  Add some flowers to the finished product (silk will work, but fresh is best) for an even more elegant look that will have the salon-goers demanding to know the name of your stylist.

Putting your hair half-up is another way to start your elegant hairstyle.  Do something simple with the top piece, such as braiding it or working it into a bun, then do something sensational with the remainder (including, possibly, just leaving it alone!)  Wrap the rest of your hair around your mini-bun and pin it in place or hold it up with chopsticks for a sexy and simple updo.  Braid it and do the same thing for an even more complex look.  Add flowers, gemmed clips, or other accessories to make your hair really stand out, and make you the belle of the ball.

While a tiara could accentuate your updo, it could also name you a princess, and not in a good way.  Consider gemmed clips and other decorations as an alternative to the crown, or even make your own.  If you are good at French braids, or handy with pins, pin a braid around your head like a crown, or French braid it that way to make your look stand out in all the right ways.

A little hairspray is fine for flyaways and hair that tends toward coming undone, but beware getting too heavy-duty with it, or you will come to regret your heavy-handed use.  Just before prom is not the time to try a new cut or a new color, so wait until after the big night to change things radically.  A trim just before prom, however, can have you looking even fancier.

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