Mens Hairstyles

When you go out for a special occasion, or anywhere at all, you want to look perfect.  Your face, your clothes, your hair – and your man.  While the hairstyles for short haired men are limited, that doesn’t mean that he should be out and about with bed-head and a baseball hat all of the time.

Hair slicked back with extra gel or parted at the side is hard to pull off for any guy, and impossible for many.  If your guy resists trends like spiking, then have him consider combing his hair, then tousling it.  It will give him that sexy, straight out of bed look without the reality of cowlicks and untamed hair.

If your guy likes the spikes, then have him stick to a minimum of gel.  He should comb his hair back from his face, and up from several angles.  He shouldn’t actually twist pieces into spikes, or his hair will look over-done and unbalanced.

If his hair is just a little longer, then let him part it in the middle and leave it natural.  There is almost nothing cuter than a guy who tosses his head occasionally, or brushes his hair back while you talk.  This style should be kept trimmed to keep it from looking shabby, and brushed or combed neatly.

At no time should anyone of any age consider anything along the lines of mo-hawks (although the foux-hawk that Angelina Jolie’s son made famous is okay on some men), or other British punk reminiscents.  Shaved heads are also not considered sexy unless your guy is older and balding, or wants to look “gangster”.

The styles mentioned are mostly for the younger set, but there are styles that will work for you once you pass thirty and are working on mature more than young or hip.  Combing your hair to the side and back with a part at the side is sexy in a suit or casual office dress, as is a part in the middle for slightly longer hair, as mentioned above.  Plenty of male celebrities are also sporting a casual brush-back, which is hot and maintainable.

For the gents with long hair, young or old, the styles are also limited.  Unlike your female counterparts with hair of the same length, a bun will not work for you, nor will a cute ponytail at the crown of your head.  Sorry!

For long hair, men should typically stick with a low ponytail or a braid if their hair is not too thick.  The hair can be worn down as well, parted in the middle and brushed back a bit to keep it out of your face.  Beware, though, that you will probably hear, “excuse me, miss” more than once.  If you are okay with correcting that mistake (or simply turning around and showing off your facial hair), then by all means keep your beautiful long hair.  As with all styles you should get it trimmed regularly to keep up neatness.

No matter the length of your hair, there are some things that you should always remember.  One is that you should not go crazy with gel.  Too much turns your hair into a helmet, and your girlfriend wants to be able to run her fingers through your soft hair.  Another is to trim it regularly.  No, trimming does not cause your hair to grow faster, but it will keep your hair from looking like a rat’s nest.  Also, take as much care with your facial hair as you do with the hair on your head.  You will not look nice if your hair is in a sexy do, and your face makes you look like a bushman.

The most important thing that we can advise for men of all shapes and colors?  Skip the blue, purple and green.  We’ll love you with your natural color, and you won’t have to hide it for a job interview.

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