Latest Hair Styles

What’s your first image of Lucille Ball?  It’s probably her famous red hair, styled with a fringe of bangs, and pulled up in the back.  In fact, when she wore it down, she didn’t seem like the Lucy we all knew and loved.  The hairstyle made her appear much younger than her 40+ years and was quite flattering to the shape of her face.

Grace Kelly also wore her hair pulled up a great deal of the time, making the updo synonymous with elegance, femininity and royalty.  Remember the young lady who danced the tango with Al Pacino in “The Scent of a Woman” and Anne Hathaway in “The Princess Diaries”?  It’s proof that younger women in contemporary times also adopt upswept hairstyles for occasions that call for the most sophisticated and grown-up appearances.

Latest Hair Styles

{mosimage}Like Lucy, some women often wear updo’s, but for the majority, they mean special occasions.  What’s ironic is that many versions of the updo are also regularly found on women during athletic endeavors…It’s just a matter of how to gather and decorate the hair!

Keeping the hair out of eyes shows off one’s eyes; pulling it off the face shows off one’s cheekbones, and piling it up exposes one’s ears and neck-all of which adds to a woman’s sensuousness. Contrary to belief, long hair is not required for these advantages; in fact, there are ways to achieve the look with hair that barely touches collars.

One way is to make a small, low ponytail, then bend it down, attaching with a bobby-pin.  Use a circular, plastic clip (in a color which blends with hair) to lift short hairs at the nape of the neck and sides of head.  Connect the ends together at the crown of the head.  Cover this clip with layers of hair; teasing or curling will help to cover it, as well as adding height and volume.  Next, pin a decorative scuncci around the mini-bun to add interest.  (If you use one close to the color of your hair, decorated with glitter or rhinestones, it will make the bun appear larger. Or, you may attach a relatively inexpensive “fake bun”, sold in most beauty supply houses.)  Leaving bangs or side curls is a matter of personal choice, but in any event, it’s one way to temporarily change the look of short hair.

An idea for medium length hair is to style it in either a chignon or French Twist.  Decorative pins, clips, gems or flowers may be added, glamorizing the look even more.

For long hair, there are many updo hairstyles that begin with versions of the ponytail.  All should be considered in conjunction with the shape of one’s face and length of hair.  Plus, what works with thin hair may not work with thick hair.  For some women with exceptionally voluminous, long hair, trying to get all of it into one band will only result in “lumps”; trial and error is mandatory, as well as practice!

Some younger women like to keep long strands of hair loose in front of their ears with any updo style, but attractiveness will depend on whether the hair is curled or straight, and the type of earrings to be worn.  Very long, dangling strands may not look formal enough for something as conservative as a wedding, and may look outright unkempt if poker straight.  When adding long earrings, the eye is then drawn down instead of up, which the upswept hairstyle is attempting. (This effect of the updo is good for older women wishing to counteract any downward lines or sags.) However, if no strands are left on the face, any type of earrings is shown off to good advantage.

Just how does a woman feel differently once her hair is pulled up?  Well, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a simple pony tail twisted into a knot, or if one has consulted an expert for the newest upswept hairstyle.  When a woman wears her hair “up” she’s usually making an out-of-the-ordinary effort to look stylish, regardless of the exact style. She’s realizes that her eyes and facial emotions are more on display, allowing for both vulnerability and strength.  More attention will be paid to her expression, rather than her hair flipping or flying around her head. (There is more than one reason that ballerinas have their hair off their faces!)

Women have over 360 days during a year to vary their usual look and “let their hair down”.  Certain events demand more in the way of poise and perfection, and updos provide both in a way far exceeding jewelry or accessories.

There is sure to be an upswept hairstyle just right for you and your next special occasion.  Try it and don’t be surprised if you feel like a princess or movie star yourself!

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