Do it Yourself Hairstyles and Updos

Tools You’ll Need for Do-it-Yourself Hair

Like a do-it-yourselfer who works around the house lugging her toolbox around, you’ll need your “hair kit.”  Gather them all in one place so that when you sit in front of that mirror and put your hands to work, you’re not scrambling and fumbling for your accessories.  You’ve got only two hands:  one to hold your hair up and the other to reach out for whatever you need at a given moment.

Here are some of the things you need to prepare:

1. Your main mirror plus a hand mirror.

2. A set of hot rollers (different sizes are ideal, but one-size rollers will do).

3. A curling iron (again it’s good to have different sizes, but save your money and stick to the one you have)

4. Hairpins

5. A good quality brush

6. Two combs:  one with teeth spaced out and another with plenty of teeth to make teasing an easier task

7. Creams, mousse, gels and sprays and volumizing tonic

8. Accessories:  you have a choice of a nice hairclip with false diamonds (anything that catches the light!), a delicate flower, an attractive band, or colorful ribbons that will match your outfit.

Look around your house – maybe some of these items are lying around on your mother’s dresser, unwanted, begging to be used.  Don’t spend your money buying all these items for doing your prom hair.  Your success will depend more on those creative juices.

So when you’re ready, get a good copy of a hairstyle magazine and make sure they describe the “how-to” section step by step!

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