2012 Prom & Wedding Updos for Short, Medium and Long Hairstyles

Regardless of hair length, updos can be a great choice for weddings. Wedding updos lend a distinctive and stylish elegance no matter whether you are wearing a short dress or an opulent flowing gown.

There is a general belief among women that only long hair lends well to updos. The reality is that there are many different wedding updo styles that can be used to make gorgeous and glamorous wedding updos with short and medium hair as well.

Wedding Updo Styles for Short Hair

Hair updos are a perfect solution for wedding hairstyles if you have short hair. However, clips and other hair accessories are an integral part of creating wedding updos with short hair. Rollers and curling iron may be used to increase volume.

Ponytail is by far the most common and ever popular wedding updo styles for short hair that fall straight on your shoulders. For curly short hair there are different wedding updo styles. To make one of the easy-to-make wedding updos twist random parts of the hair and secure them with clips.

Wedding Updos for Medium Hair

The most popular of all wedding updo styles is the bun. There are different wedding updo styles for buns. One of the more common is where the hair is combed backwards and wound or braided in a bun. Depending upon the type of look you want, buns can be positioned above or below the nape. Buns as wedding updos can be styled to give a loose and romantic look or a sleek and polished look. For a classic look try placing the bun at the nape or off to either side. For that soft romantic look create wedding updos with curly hair buns worn with hair pulled back lightly.

The French twist is another wedding updo style that you can use to get that classic look. The best part is that French twists have always been considered as one of the most stylish wedding updos and have never been out of vogue. Moreover, it is one of those hassle free wedding updo styles that are easy to make and to which you can add your distinctive style with clips or flowers.

While choosing wedding updos for medium hair another style you may also try is the half up half down updo. It goes well with a short dress and gives a soft and casual look. Curl your hair and pull half from the temples up to the top of the head.

Wedding Updos for Long Hair

Obviously not all women can be expected to have long hair. The general perception that long hair lend well to creation of wedding updos is correct but it is also correct that long and thick hair are challenging to work with while creating formal wedding updo styles.

If you have long hair, you have a variety of options to explore depending upon the wedding theme. You can either let your hair gracefully down or use wedding updo styles like putting up hair in a bun. For an elegant but sexy look, make sure that you shampoo and condition your hair. Use cold water to rinse after shampoo and dry your hair with a hair dryer using a paddle brush.

The style of the dress and accessories you plan to wear play an important role in selecting wedding updo styles. For example, flowing streaming hair do not look good with a strapless gown. Similarly you need to choose from a variety of wedding updo styles that are appropriate and look elegantly glamorous in an outdoor wedding.

Another factor that you would want to consider is to go with the flow, something that never goes wrong. Wedding updos are coming back. Hair ornaments such as hairpins, flowers and brooches are in. Also staging a comeback are hair vines made with crystals, rhinestones, pearls, and silk flowers.

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