2010 Prom Updos and Hairstyles

Prom hairdos should fit your personality, your dress and your mood. Get great hair updo ideas for your 2010 prom night in this article. Learn about chignon, half updos, twists and braids that can makeyour prom or Spring formal look one to remember.

When you’re getting ready for prom, there are a lot of things to think about: what dress you’ll wear, finding the right shoes and a cute purse, where to go to dinner before prom, and how to do your hair. You want to make sure you’ll have a prom updo that lasts all night, looks great in every picture and won’t make you feel embarrassed 10 years from now.

When choosing a 2010 prom updo, think about your “look.” Are you going for a classy, elegant, tousled, sleek or glamorous look? Choose a prom updo that accents the shape of your face, makes you feel comfortable and helps you look great in your dress. For inspiration, look in your favorite teen magazines.

Before the day of prom arrives, experiment and try all the different hairstyles and updos you think you might like. This will give you a feel for how long it will take to do your hair, whether you can do the hairdo on your own or will need help, and whether or not you’ll really like it. After trying out each prom updo, take a picture of yourself for future reference. If you already have your prom dress, try it on with each style so you can see the whole look.

Half Updo

Half updos are a great way to accent your cheekbones. This hairstyle is easy to do on your own and can be secured with an elastic band or dazzling barrette. Varieties on half updos for prom include creating a short French braid with the strands of hair pulled back. To add volume to your hair, curl it with hot rollers first. Once your hair is out of the curlers, tease the whole top section and pin it back.

Still popular for 2010 prom updos, the chignon is a classic (and celebrity favorite) that will never go away. You can pull off this updo with or without bangs. For a variation on the chignon, curl all your hair with a medium iron after it has been dried, and pull it into a loose, low ponytail. Braid the ponytail, tying an elastic band at the end, and roll the braid to form a chignon. Secure the updo with bobby pins and apply a holding spray.

Do the Twist
A hair roll or twist creates an updo with a Victorian-era look. Hair is rolled, starting at the bangs, all the way down to the back of your neck and is secured with an elastic band before working the rest of the hair into a chignon or bun. This is a popular 2010 updo for girls with super-straight hair.

Low Ponytail
Slick, low ponytails are all the rage on the red carpet. They are easy to do and have a lot of versatility. The popular thing to do with a low ponytail is hide the elastic band by wrapping a strand of your own hair around it. For a change on this sleek look, create a side ponytail so your hair cascades over your shoulder.

Braids are back in 2010 updos! They are being used by trendsetters in place of a headband for half updos, as a way to glamorously part hair for an updo, and to frame buns or chignons. Celebrities have been spotted walking down the red carpet with a Rapunzel look, hair slicked into a high ponytail and woven into a sleek, bulky braid.

Let it Loose
One of the best hairstyles you can wear is the one you have right now. If you can’t decide on an updo for prom, go with what you’ve got and already know you like. In addition to utilizing some amazing 2010 updos, some trendsetting girls have glammed it up by letting their locks hang loose in gentle, sleek waves.

Whatever 2010 prom updo you choose, make sure it reflects who you are, even if that means taking a risk and trying something new and creative.

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