2008 Prom Updos

2008 Prom Updos

Hot Hair Styles and UpDos for the 2008 Prom

When it comes to proms, hair styles are usually the last item checked on the “must do” list, after securing a dress, shoes, jewelry and accessories (not to mention a date). Why wait when your hair could actually become part of the dress and overall theme of who you will be for that one special night? After all, it comes once in a lifetime, and is the perfect occasion to become a Cinderella, glamour queen for the evening! A first tip for your 2008 Prom Night preparations: allow your hair to be itself, an accessory to your own beauty.

“Classic” is the word for hot 2008 “Evening” hair styles and updos with a strong tendency to dip back to longer, heavier flowing hair of the 60’s and 70’s, and even a call back to the sensuality of the late 20’s Charleston era.  In these eras, the hair is allowed to embrace the facial shape and blend down with the dress and accessories in a more natural flow and look. Good news for everyone, long hair and short alike; bad news for anyone intent on pulling a “Britney” and shave the whole thing down; there is absolutely no shame in having luscious hair and putting it on display!

Long Hair

Naturally long flowing hair will definitely be in vogue for the 2008 prom, with a bit of a pulled back touch. Either a return to the wavy, much laid back “Farrah” do, or pulled at the neckline with either a blend-in flower ornament or concealed braiding accessories. Either ways letting the hair fade along the head, cheeks and shoulders will be this year’s statement that you are beauty as nature intended, and not a slave to excessive and torturous fashion extravaganza. Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson and Rachel McAdams are great inspirations for this hot trend of the year.

Along the same line of natural looks, pony tails are definitely on a comeback, providing a highly glamorous choice when tied less rigidly, in a more Victorian arrangement; think not of practical and tight,  more “Lord Of The Rings” lavish; an “Elvin” charm to your hair. Large braids and long waves with a bit of gold dust or laces will make this bold choice a Juliette out of your look to accompany the Romeo of your prom. An up do where the hair is allowed to flow heavily and exude the charm of the wearing lady.

Short Hair

The short bob hair style will show the 2008 prom attendees just how sexy short hair can be. The updo made so famous by actress Louise Brooks in the 1930 film “Lulu” will bring a deliciously sensual nostalgia to this prom of the new millennium. The hair style prompts a pointed tip that follows the jaw line up to right before the chin, with a layered thickness that degrades slowly towards the back of the head. The bangs, usually kept flat down, are cut right above the eye sight, allowing the eyes and their colored contour to jump keep your beau’s completely focused attention. For even more striking an appearance,  allow yourself a little color to bring the hair style to a darker tone;  pitch black-haired ladies will make this one a perfect fit.

Wispier hair styles will also add a perfect touch to a more blowout do, keeping the hair free with flowing waves, but allowing the rest of the facial features to emerge and shine. A bit discreet braiding and some color highlights that melt with the natural hair color will be perfect variation for a more urban yet still classic look that yet avoids overly extravagant appearances. No longer is wispy hair a bad thing; allow it to be itself as you should. Such hair allows for a beautifully long neck line and jaw line to become accessories of charm.

Prom Night IS the once-in-a-lifetime occasion for which we put out all the stops, just like a wedding or a night at the Oscars, so hesitation and angst over hair style and accessories is perfectly understandable. A tip that most fashion advisers will offer for your 2008 prom updo is to keep an eye on the many award shows populated by celebrities every spring; prom nights usually happen in late March or early April, giving you enough time to peek at the Oscars and Grammys and get inspired by that one unique look for you.

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