2012 Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Spring

2012 Prom Updos

When it comes to the prom – one of the single most definitive moments in life, if you’re a teenage girl – looking like a princess means everything. The perfect dress, those to-die-for shoes, glowing, silky skin, and the right prom updos: looking drop dead gorgeous isn’t for the faint hearted.

A big part of looking perfect is what you choose to do with your hair. Aside from the fact that it’s got to look divine before you even begin styling it, choosing the right formal updos are super important. For the 2012 season, there are a lot of retro-inspired looks doing the rounds. Braids and buns are also in fashion, with a lot of prom updos throwing accessories like feathers and beads into the mix. Keep in mind, though, that whatever you choose to do with your tresses, the right products go a long way in keeping those fabulous prom updos the way you want them to be. A good mousse and a strong-hold hairspray are almost essential; after all, what’s the point of curling your hair for half a day, only to have them unravel an hour into the prom?

Depending on the kind of hair you have, you might want to take a look at the styling creams, mousses, volumizing sprays, and hold sprays. Formal updos need to look polished – so if you’ve got frizzy, fly away hair for example, using a styling cream is a good bet.  If your hair is of the more stubborn kind, or you’re going for one of the more complex prom updos, then you should consider using a strong hold product before you begin styling – otherwise, be prepared for your curls to unravel at some point during the night. The mussed look is all well and good, but not before time, right?

Hair sticks are pretty useful too, and can be used for many of the more popular prom updos, such as the Edwardian, the classic French Twist, the Flamenco, the Victorian, and even the French Tuck. Like we said, retro is in this year – with the right accessories, of course.

The Juliet, for example, is a great formal updo if you’ve got long hair – named after one of the most famous lovers in history, it’s the hairdo of choice if you don’t want to pin all of it up. Part your hair side-to-side, weave the hair above into an English braid (fastened at the bottom with a ponytail holder), and use a few hair sticks to set it off. You can also weave feathers and beads into the braid, but don’t go overboard. Formal updos usually look better at either extreme – either heavily accessorized, or just barely.

If, on the other hand, you’re in the market for formal updos for shoulder length hair, a French Tuck might be what you’re looking for. It’s basically a French braid, the end of which is tucked up underneath the woven part of your hair. You can set this look of with hair sticks, or even slim bits of jewelry, tucked into the braid.

When choosing the right formal updos for the 2012 prom, remember to think about what will work for you, rather than what you wished would work. Blonde hair, for example, will shine brighter at night, so you can go easy on the accessories. Darker hair might benefit from a few pieces of jewelry, but will definitely benefit from at least one. The volume you’ve got going is also important – it’s extremely difficult, for example, to make an Elegant Gibson with long, thick hair, but fine, silky hair looks amazing with it.

Whatever you choose to do with your hair for 2012 prom, remember three things – keep it simple, do what naturally accentuates your hair and face, and always, always, be fabulous.

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